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The Best Thing Ever at This Year’s New York Film Festival P&I

At the end of Brian De Palma’s Passion, Film Comment’s Amy Taubin came up at the end of the credits to inform us that De Palma hadn’t arrived yet and would be here in ten minutes. I left to go eat lunch, because I frankly don’t see how you top any Q&A where a long-winded question can be answered with “I’m Brian De Palma.”

But he did. By not showing up. At all.

So, while the New York Film Festival doesn’t give out awards or accolades, I want to honor BDP with the “Most Swag Ever” award. Hang those laurels over your unreleased film proudly, Brian.

you may ask, “GOD. WHY!?”

I wrote about why a long time ago.

also: sliced cube man is back!

The only way to follow up Dead Poets Society.